Stam building

Stam building

Several years ago pigeons from topspeed were bought from the great champion roland janssens from beveren. The man that has 20 first prices a year on speed !

With the pigeons read bingo, blue bingo, big kevinjonny boy, fast grey dimi the white 29, red devil. all of the pigeons that listed here were from amazing speed.




8 children from top racer           : JOHNNY BOY
Ringnumber : BO7-4203020
Results          : Quiévrain
10 x 1st Price

10 x 2nd Price
58 x 1st 10

Ace Pigeon 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013  2 asduif 2014

2007  1 x 1st  5 per ten
2008  2 x 1st  2 x 2nd    9 per ten
Ace Pigeon Competition Greater Beveren  1st Price
2009  3 x 1st  3 x 2nd   10 per ten
Ace Pigeon Competition Greater Beveren  1st Price
Golden Ring competition 4th
2010  1 x 1st  6 x per 10
2011  2 x 1st  8 x per 10
Ace Pigeon Competition Greater Beveren  1st Price
2012  1 x 1st  6 x per 10
Ace Pigeon Competition Greater Beveren  1st Price
2013  1 x 1st
Ace Pigeon Competition Greater Beveren  1st Price
Quiévrain Championship 1st Price



From the year 90 were by maurice voets from kessel golden he bought golden projects from his famoes witslap the light bourgens. These pigeons have are in my pigeon house and won everything what whas in the category and they also won in the great east.

They were bound to pigeons of the super champion from berlaar louis goyvaers, the plumber at his whole worlds famoes old heave were childeren bought. These in a crossing with the pigeons from maurice voets and gust christianes from humbeek seem to be a bulzei in the rose.
There were 2 great winners at the NPO that whas raised. And also national winners and aspigeons from grown.








From 2006 were 7 childeren were being bought from the top farmpigeon de WONDER DRIK the best sun came out of his wonder and flying pigeon the litle dirk from GERAD KOOPMAN ERMEVEEN these whas matched with one of the best small childeren of litle dirk in cross with my pigeons and that were much greater and better pigeons on my house and also at other pigeon houses. 1st ouentin, 1 zutpen and one in Germany. 2 were in the race in bangkok two times 1 in Belgium on noyon good after grown in China, Thaiwan and lots of more.

The first pigeons that i bought in my pigeon career were directly from the brothers janssen from arendonk. From the old merkx the young merkx from the 74 sharps. Later there whas another witplak clean under the table vos from 99 at albert van flaes from ravels they came the first pigeons from 1980 in his top pigeon came litle pigeon champions that are named litle fox, blue van lier, hell blue, de white tale vos, den bijter, great fox and more.
these pigeons were till the year of the 90s keept clean but later they were used to give birth on the inteeld from prestations in certain pigeon races you will find these back. Yearly some will visit at louis janssen and sometimes they will cross the pigeons to give other pigeons birth.



Since 2010 the pigeons were get from Heremans – ceusters from vorselaar and later on with Karel Ceusters 15 orginaal also from vorselaar.
From al of the famoes pigeons we find after the paring with my pigeon house. from het aske the euro. The olympiade 03 spinneke and rossi the 44 nathalia de jan and so on.








In 2007 there were only just 3 couple of pigeons made by the champion Rudie Diels from beerse. with his famoes gold haan sister argenton from vos verhoeven and some more litle childeren from the gold haan.









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